DIY Dreadlock Extensions! (VIDEO!)

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Product Review: Grandpa’s Baking Soda Soap


So here I am, fresh out the shower after using this soap on my locs!

I found this soap in Farm Fresh last week and I thought I would give it a try. I do not wash my hair often on purpose. I do not like stripping my scalp of natural oils, so I only wash it when my hair REALLY needs it.

With that being said, I cannot remember the last time I washed my hair; that’s how I knew it needed a great wash!

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ponytail 3

How To Make Sure A Ponytail Does Not Make You Go Bald!

So we all know that ponytails are cute and convenient. I am guilty of rocking a ponytail on those “to-go” days where I just have no patience to deal with my hair during my pre-dreadlock days.

Wearing a ponytail not only was often uncomfortable, but it would make me go bald in the back of my head! It was crazy looking having thick, gorgeous hair on my crown but nothing on my nape! What in the world!?
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Before and After of Locs Separation and Retightening

How I Separate Dreads To Retighten

I do not retighten (using the interlock method) my kids locs often. I try not to even touch their hair, outside of washing and moisturizing and occasionally styling.

They are kids so sitting still for an hour or two for me to retighten is a battle. And it usually involves a great deal of whining, crying and me having to pop them because they refuse to turn their heads so they can keep watching cartoons!

So yesterday was time for a retighten for my kids. I try to start with the most dramatic one: my oldest Kira.
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shea water spray

Shea Butter Too Thick for You? Try Homemade Shea Water!

I am big on trying to make my own products. I think it’s fun! Plus I like knowing exactly what I putting on my scalp, hair and skin.

When I was making body butters and soaps with organic shea butter, alot of folks interested in my products were asking if I could substitute the shea butter for something else.

To my surprise, not everyone is a fan of shea butter. Some folks think it’s far too thick for their skin and hair. Others are allergic to it. Some do not like the smell. I’ve heard similar stories to the likes of cocoa butter as well.
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Happy New Year!

Thank you for visiting my braiding blog, Little Miss Monica!

I have always had a deep appreciation for braids and natural hair. Because braids tend to be quite expensive to install in a salon, I slowly started to do my own hair.

In the summer of 2011, I started to dreadlock my hair using the Nappy Loc Tool. You can get an idea of the sizes of the tool here at the Nappy-n-Happy website.

The same year, I dreadlocked my daughter’s hair as well!

Dreadlocks are a life (and a penny) saver for me! I have more time to not only spend with my kids, but I simply do not have to worry about hair maintenance for me or them!

I got professional braiding training at Masusu Kinks in Newport News, Va and I also got Interlock/Microlock Certification with the Nappy Loc Tool in 2012.

I began working full time with government contracting almost two years ago. So, while the money is good, I want to start doing something that I actually am passionate about. One of those passions is braiding!

I decided for 2014 I will be way more proactive at marketing my skills in braiding and dreadlock installation and maintenance. As a single mom, I could use the extra money! And why not do that by doing something you actually enjoy!?

My favorite products are made by Shea Moisture. While their products are not 100% organic, the vast majority of their ingredients are natural! And they work very well on mine and my daughters hair! And Shea Moisture products are very affordable compared to the competition.

I look forward to marketing my services and I am so proud of my new website! I cannot wait to start twisting some curls again!





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